Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

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Hearthstone Diary #1: September was great

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Modern MTG deck with Auriok Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor


Butchers Eat Goblins – Mardu Midrange Deck


So… I’ve been gone for most of November because Warlords of Draenor came out–I liked it. I also got engrossed playing MTG on Mondays and Fridays after work. Recap: I changed my Aggro Abzan into Midrange by November and I then I switched to Mardu Midrange two weeks ago.

The deck I’m sharing right now revolves around Butcher of the Horde. Here’s the list:

Game Plan: Card Choices and Replacements

Elspeth, Sun's Champion

Elspeth, Sun’s Champion

Goblin Rabblemaster and Elspeth, Sun’s Champion give you 1/1 minions for the Butcher to feed on. Add in Sorin, Solemn Visitor for the lifelink and if you could keep him alive long enough to activate his third ability, you will get an emblem that will make your opponent sacrifice a creature during his upkeep. This, along with Crackling Doom , is good against those Siege Rhinos that we face a lot these days.

Seeker of the Way is for your early game and he gets +1/+1 with lifelink each time you play a noncreature spell. It is a pretty nice card and it’s just an Uncommon.

Mardu Charm gives you three choices that’s flexible enough to keep board control. It’s like a burn, token generator, and an expensive Despise in one card.

Stormbreath Dragon is so good against Abzan because of its protection from White. It’s also flying; we’re pretty sure the Rhinos don’t fly by default.

Lightning Strike is pretty much a Red staple. I’ve been using that since I started playing Magic: The Gathering.

Utter End can be replaced with Hero’s Downfall or Murderous Cut, should you encounter white creatures. The reason why I made it a mainstay is because of the Indestructible creatures.

The idea of deck is basically like this: picture flying butchers and dragons flying over head… Elspeth, Sorin, and Goblin Rabblemasters are on the ground overwhelming your opponent with damage from tokens–and  you get life for each damage dealt.

The Cards

PM or comment if you have any questions. Have fun!





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