Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Surviving the Year of the Pirates and what's next

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was a great month for me

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was great

SylvanHunter joins Complexity Gaming and went to HWC SEA

BW Tokens in Modern

BW Tokens with Auriok Champion and Sorin

Modern MTG deck with Auriok Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor


The Journey to Golden Hunter, Going Rogue, and Playing MTG Standard Again


Saying Hello to Golden Rexxar

Going for Golden Hunter

Going for Golden Hunter

With Naxxramas done and over with, I suddenly felt a momentarily sense of panic: What am I gonna do now? Yeah, it may sound petty but whenever I play a game, I easily lose interest if I do not have goals. It’s a good thing that I remembered that I am not a Golden Hunter yet even if I main it. Must… be… golden… hunter… nao. As of blogging, I’m 16 wins away and on Rank 5.

I was unable to blog last week because a) work has been insane (I finally learned how to use Excel -_- whoopdeedoo), and b) my life suddenly took an exciting turn. It hasn’t sunk in yet; I am in a daze but I am extremely grateful… Anyway…

Grace is Going Rogue

Going Rogue

Going Rogue

I started this season with an experimental Tempo Rogue which took me to Rank 10 in just two days. It was on the higher ranks that made me alternate between Hunter and Rogue because let’s be honest here, I’m a more experienced Hunter than Rogue. It’s been a week now and I’m stuck between Ranks 5 and 6–I need a break, seriously.

I am going to write about my Tempo Rogue for GosuGamers (UPDATE: Here’s my Tempo Rogue Guide at Gosugamers) but I’m still experimenting on three variants. Something is not quite there yet. People would say that Hunter is still OP but you see, there will always be a way to work around that. That is the puzzle I’m trying to work out. JEEZ, I’m thinking of ways to beat my favourite class, huh.

Grace Tried Heroes of the Storm

My blog is covering any game that I’m playing/going to play. I got in Heroes of the Storm Alpha and it has been fun so far. I am not good at this yet, haha. Gah, I need more time in a day (it would be nice to get paid to play, right? haha) but I’m playing Hearthstone right now until I get golden hunter so this is put on hold first. You could check out my friends playing  it in Sodium Sessions and maybe you will also see me there too: Sodium Sessions.

The Weekend I Played HOTS

The Weekend I Played HOTS

Grace is Playing MTG Standard Again

I’m playing MTG Standard again. If you are in Singapore, you will probably find me soon at AgoraHobby or Superstar Gaming after office hours. The owners are nice people so yeah,I recommend that you visit their shops. I’ve been to other hobby shops and I’ve met grumpy owners/staff that made me NOT go back, so take my word for it.

I have a problem putting MTG in my schedule right now though because even if I can play after office hours, I get hungry and I miss out on the game schedules. -_- In the battle between card-slinging and my angry stomach, the latter wins.

As of now, I have two new decks in my bag: a UG scry deck and a BG anti-aggro one. I’ll post my deck list as soon as I get more playtests and prove it worthy of your eyeballs, dear readers. With Khans of Tarkir coming, I think I will be able to give you a dragon-themed deck soon. I’m excited!

Playing MTG Standard Again

Playing MTG Standard Again

Blog Suggestions

I’ve gotten requests for my decks that I use in ladder, post more articles, and even the occasional “When will you start streaming?”

I shall post my decks after I get Golden Hunter. As for streaming, I dunno, I’m a bit shy (cue simultaneous rolling of eyeballs) but I’m thinking of going for it around my birthday or so. What better way to thank people who are supporting my blog by actually talking to them, right? If there is an easier way to stream on a Mac without shelling out 400USD, please let me know!

I’ve always wanted to spread the joy of playing games and that’s why this blog is here. Your suggestions are welcome.


Thank you! Rarrrr

Thank you! Rarrrr

I am grateful for the warm communities that made my experience with the game more fun: Hearthstone Philippines and Hearthstone Singapore. There are a lot of members who really help you become better. Well, you still get the occasional crabby, salty or rude ones, but those people are unimportant strangers anyway.

Shoutout to my personal Ironfur Grizzly for helping me in a lot of ways–mostly on getting me to focus because I suspect I got ADD. Thank you!

It has been a good three-months-or-so playing Hearthstone. This game is still young and I am excited because I know it would get even better as it matures.

Thank you for reading my blog.






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