Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Surviving the Year of the Pirates and what's next

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was a great month for me

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was great

SylvanHunter joins Complexity Gaming and went to HWC SEA

BW Tokens in Modern

BW Tokens with Auriok Champion and Sorin

Modern MTG deck with Auriok Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor


SylvanHunter Hearthstone Decks


I received an awesome mail from Blizzard two days ago. I was greeted by the sound of fanfare when I opened the tube. Seriously. Sound of fanfare. How awesome is that?

Blizzard Sent Me Something Awesome!

Blizzard Sent Me Something Awesome!

There’s gonna be a big thing that’s happening on Hearthstone soon and we’re hyped!

Blizzard announcing that they will announce something LOL

Blizzard announcing that they will announce something LOL

A Recap…

It has been a great year (and counting) with Hearthstone. Aside from the decks you can find on this site, here’s a recap of the decks I’ve created since vanilla to BRM:

My decks on Tempo Storm

BRM Heroic Deck Lists

Naxxramas Heroic Deck Lists

I also have a couple of decks on GosuGamers when I was still an Editor there; I stopped about a month ago due to work commitments. Here is a list of some of my articles there (I didn’t include the straight news ones) :

Hearthstone Wishlist

Post-Leeroy Nerf Hunter

Post Naxx Era Class Stats Breakdown

Hearthstone Fireside Chat Panel

Tempo Rogue

Looking forward to…

Exciting times are ahead… I’ve always been a Johnny/Spike; I like to win but I like it better when I win on my own terms–fun must be a part of it. Hearthstone is still relatively a young CCG. I hope the the new changes will bring in more players and keep the old players playing. 🙂

Here’s to more duels to fight, more decks to make, and even more fun games to play. 🙂



Exciting times are ahead!

Exciting times are ahead!


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