Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

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Speed Kills – Playing Post Nerf Aggro Hunter

I command you to die!

I command you to die!

I usually play Aggro Hunter at the start of the season for the winning streak stars and when I reach rank 9 onwards, I shift to midrange to get more consistent (albeit slower) wins. My previous Hunter deck almost always guarantees Turn 7 kills but since the nerf, I’m now adjusting to Turn 8 on average.

When you are playing ranked, you would want to speed up so you’ll get to the higher ranks where more matches make sense. There are so many surprise (and mostly crappy) decks in the lower ranks so it’s good to rank up fast. It’s always satisfying to play sensible games with people who know what they are doing because you yourself can also calculate your opponent’s moves properly (because they make sense, right?).

I played Hunter this season from Rank 16 to 4 in just one week and I’m sharing my Aggro Hunter deck, Speed Kills.

Why Play Aggro Hunter?

  • Aggro hunter is fast. Fast means more games in a short time. This means you rank up fast.
  • Did I mention that Hunter’s Hero Power is powerful? Well, Steady Shot is prolly one of the most powerful Hero Powers in Hearthstone.

Why not Zoolock? I could choose to play Zoolock but I don’t like being pressured to choose between Soulfire and Doomguard—I almost always get this choice to make. -_-

Anyway, Aggro Hunter is fast and relatively cheap to build. There’s only one Legendary, Leeroy Jenkins. If you do not have Leeroy Jenkins, you can go for Arcane Golem or Argent Commander.


Undertaker and any 1-drop deathrattle minion. If you have the Eaglehorn Bow already, keep it. Do not keep traps in your hand so Mad Scientist won’t lose his meaning in life. However, ifyou are playing against Druid, keep one Freezing Trap for those Innervate-Chillwind Yeti plays.

The Game Plan

Post Nerf Aggro Hunter

Post Nerf Aggro Hunter

The goal of this deck is to secure an early win as soon as possible. If the game stretches on against control builds, your chances of winning will most likely be zilch, and therefore you have to win fast. A starting hand with one Undertaker and Leper Gnome is a good one.

There’s only one Houndmaster in this deck. The idea here is you will only use him once and ideally on turn 4.

Playing traps is partly “mind games”. Know when to use traps to make your opponent react the way you want him/her to. Snake Trap ensures that there will always be a beast in play for Houndmaster and Kill Command. Three snakes already mean you have 3 damage on board; just don’t use it when you see your opponent with a Death’s Bite, for obvious reasons.

There are 5 traps in this deck, that’s why there’s only one Eaglehorn Bow. You probably won’t need another one because speed kill is a priority, and the traps will just continue to give additional charges to your bow.

Kill Command and Leeroy Jenkins are your finishers. By turn 8, you can play Leeroy + UTH (which used to be doable at turn 7, pre-nerf). With the current influx of Shaman bots, UTH is a good card to have these days.


This is a good deck to play against slower decks. When facing fast ones, it’s just a race on who gets to bring out the big burst finishers first. If you want fast ranked plays, go for Aggro Hunter.

Above all, have fun!



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