Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

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Rexxar Hunts Kel’Thuzad Down (Heroic Mode)

Kel'Thuzad, I will hunt you down!

Kel’Thuzad, I will hunt you down!

Someone once quipped on Facebook that all the hunters have died. I beg to disagree.

The Frostwyrm Lair opened this week with much anticipation from Hearthstone players all over the world. You could practically hear the collective heavy breathing—count mine in.

I’ve had my eye on the goal since the first wing opened: Beat all the Naxxramas bosses in Heroic Mode.

Almost everyone I know is saying that Freeze Mage is the way to go if you want to beat the Naxxramas bosses in Heroic Mode but first and foremost, I’m a loyal Hunter, and second, Jaina had the spotlight last week. Frankly, I’m tired of Freeze Mage and Priests. I think any class can finish Heroic Mode and when I started playing the Naxxramas adventures, I swore I’d beat Kel’Thuzad with Rexxar.

Here are the decks I used (opens in new tab):

Hunter Decks I used to Beat Frostwyrm Lair Heroic Mode

Hunter Decks I used to Beat Frostwyrm Lair Heroic Mode

General Tips on Playing Hunter in the Frostwyrm Lair

  • You cannot use Alexstrasza.
  • Starving Buzzard + Unleash the Hounds is your draw engine. This combo is for clearing the board while drawing cards at the same time. Add Timber Wolf and/or Animal Companion (for Sapphiron only) for bigger damage when attacking. If possible, use UTH in this way only or for finishing the game.
  • Use Freezing Trap to bounce big minions if you cannot kill the big minion on sight.
  • Use Hero Power: Steady Shot as often as possible.
  • Leeroy Jenkins. Finisher. ‘nuff said. You may replace with Arcane Golem if you don’t have it.

Hunter [S] vs. Sapphiron

Sapphiron's Frost Breath

Sapphiron’s Frost Breath

Sapphiron destroys all minions that are not frozen. The solution: Use Deathrattle minions like Nerubian Egg and/or minions with Charge. This deck is based on my old Secret Hunter . There’s only a few minions on my side of the board. All I did was wait and see, chipped at the opponent’s face, cleared the board, bounced his big minions and gave one big finish.

Mulligan for: Explosive Trap, Mad Scientist, Eaglehorn Bow.

Tips on playing Hunter against Sapphiron:

  • Don’t use Timber Wolf on Turn 1. Use that only for Unleash the Hounds  or when you have other minions and you are ready to attack or else Sapphiron will Ice Lance the poor thing
  • Tracking should not be used on Turn 1. Use that later when you need “Answers” to situations like “I need Deadly Shot and I don’t have it in my hand” or “I have the Buzzard but no UTH”.
  • Save Arcane Shot for later when you have to use Hunter’s Mark or for big minions that are not easily wiped off with AoE damage.
  • Use Kill Command with any beast, preferably as you finish with UTH to give 5 direct damage to enemy hero.
  • Mad Scientist is useful for getting the Secrets that are not in you hand or you may not have drawn yet. However, he wasn’t much use to my game so you may replace him with Misdirection since all hunter secrets cost only 2 mana crystals. I just used him there because he’s new but he could totally be replaced with Misdirection or Bluegill Warrior.
  • Savannah Highmane gets destroyed but he’ll leave behind two 2/2 Hyenas. Use it with Timber Wolf and/or Animal Companion and go for the face.
  • Use Snipe around Turn 4 or 5 (and onwards) so whatever 4HP and onward minions that Sapphiron will cast shall be dealt damage with.
  • Gladiator’s Longbow is for hitting minions such as Frost Elemental and large taunts. It may also be used as finisher.
Rexxar beats Saphiron

Rexxar beats Saphiron

Hunter [K] vs Kel’Thuzad



There is no Animal Companion in this deck because it will become Mr. Bigglesworth. I replaced it with Earthen Ring Farseer. I also replaced Mad Scientist with Voodoo Doctor because HP needs to be replenished a lot.

It's like Frostbolt but for FREE

It’s like Frostbolt but for FREE

Mulligan for: Webspinner, Houndmaster

Tips on playing Hunter against Kel’Thuzad:

  • Kill Kel’Thuzad’s Zombie Chow as often as needed but not when you’re still 30HP. Sometimes he drops ZC early in the game when you’re still in full health. Kill ZC later when you’re down to 24 or less.
  • Use Houndmaster by Turn 4 as much as possible so you’ll have a bigger beast with taunt (hello, big spider!) early in the game.
  • Stonetusk Boar is for Hunter’s Mark. Don’t use it on Turn 1 unless you really have to (but I doubt there’s an early big guy on Turn 1, so don’t).
  • Deadly Shot is for Shade of Naxxramas or any big minion you cannot get rid off. I’ve used it for KT’s Acolyte of Pain though because I wanted his side to be empty. You may replace this with Kill Command if you do not have this spell.
  • Use Voodoo Doctor and Earthen Ring Farseer only when you need HP boost.
  • Once his armor is gone, he interrupts whatever you are doing so make sure to deal as much damage as possible before he does. He will use Chain and based on experience, he usually takes the Starving Buzzard or Dire Wolf Alpha. Kill them on sight with traps or any disposable minion.
  • It’s important to clear his side of the board often.
Rexxar beats the Handsome Kel'Thuzad

Rexxar beats the Handsome Kel’Thuzad

Above all, enjoy the game AND your new card back! 😀

The Naxxramas Card Back!

The Naxxramas Card Back!

The hunters didn’t really die. Go to Rank 10 and up and you’ll see we’re alive and well. Naxxramas just opened the gates for far more hunters. 😉


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