Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Surviving the Year of the Pirates and what's next

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was a great month for me

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was great

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BW Tokens in Modern

BW Tokens with Auriok Champion and Sorin

Modern MTG deck with Auriok Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor


I am F2P. How Do I Build My Hearthstone Library?


Goblins vs. Gnomes (GvG), the first Hearthstone expansion, is coming this December. As more and more new players come in to join the fun, there is always that big question: How do I get the cards?

Yes, I haz Golden Leeroy

Yes, I got Golden Leeroy from Arena pack

When the Hearthstone adventure, Curse of Naxxramas, was released, the meta shifted remarkably. This caused people to advise new players to invest in Curse of Naxxramas because the cards are good. I mean, have you ever seen anyone as annoying as Sludge Belcher? Anyway, you have to play the adventure to get the Naxx cards as they can’t be pulled from expert packs.

GvG, on the other hand, will be released as booster packs. Therefore, you cannot get these in the expert packs that you might be hoarding from the arena at the moment. Note: Packs that you will get from the arena will be GvG once the expansion is released.

If you are F2P, this is a big deal, especially if you have not completed your HS library yet. This means you have to grind your way to get enough gold for GvG boosters.

How do I build my Hearthstone library, the F2P way?

Here are some tips that may help you:

  • For newbies: Do the early quests to earn quick gold.  Defeat all expert AI and get all chars to level 10.
  • Make a grinding deck.  Hit Play mode often.  It is easier in ranked play since the meta is more predictable and  players with fewer cards and weaker decks are usually in the lower ranks (i.e. Ranks 16-25).
  • Plan ahead what deck you want to grind/play with. I personally used Zoolock (because it’s cheap to make) to grind for gold  and then aimed to make a Control Warrior deck. You can also make good cheap Hunter and Priest decks to play in the ladder with.
  • Do not disenchant cards unless you have enough dust to complete your planned deck. This is because later on, you might pull the same card that you crafted and you might kick yourself for causing irreversible damage to your dust pool. I’ve crafted Alexstrasza from the blood of many creatures only to get two of her later on–one of which was golden! -_-
I kept getting Illidan! (I've DEed at least 4 Illidans already)

I kept getting Illidan! (I’ve DEed at least 4 Illidans already)

  • Pick daily quests that are worth 60 or 100 gold (total dominance). This means you need to have some decent decks for the other classes so you can do all dailies. The unlimited re-rolling of quests is gone but you have the option to cross your fingers as you click ‘X’ to mulligan for another one. 😀
  • Play Arena whenever you have 150 gold.  It’s always worth the gold even if you get 0-3.  If you get 7 wins or more, you get refunded your entrance fee and then some dust, gold, and/or cards. If you don’t know how to play Arena, I have some tips here.
Get the Gold

Arena gold is good

  • Don’t feel bad if you do not get the card that you want. Sigh then move on, knowing you will get there eventually. Like most games, you’ll need time, patience, and skill to eventually get what you want.
Is it Millhouse Manastorm?! O_O

Is it Millhouse Manastorm?! O_O

If you have other tips to share, let me know 🙂 Above all, have fun!





  1. lalasong says:

    maybe showing some screenshot on how to change daily quest?

  2. Kohai says:

    Can you make a guide to a good Rogue deck?
    I don’t have Naxx Cards yet cause im only F2P
    And i rarely get 7+ Wins in the Arena (Sad)

    • SylvanHunter says:

      Thanks for the suggestion. I’m making Rogue and Warrior decks at the moment. I’ll post budget alternatives; they won’t be as good as their high end counterparts though :-/

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