Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Hearthstone Diary #4: Hunting Out in the Open

Surviving the Year of the Pirates and what's next

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was a great month for me

Hearthstone Diary #1: September was great

SylvanHunter joins Complexity Gaming and went to HWC SEA

BW Tokens in Modern

BW Tokens with Auriok Champion and Sorin

Modern MTG deck with Auriok Champion and Sorin, Solemn Visitor


Happy 2015! What Now…

2015 is is already 20 days old! I know I’ve been a little silent lately. I used to do weekly posts and I hope to get back on track here on my site… so what’s going on lately? Let’s catch up…

My Prerelease Mardu Box

My Prerelease Mardu Box

  • Tempo Storm just hired me this month. I’ll be a columnist and it has been great so far. Catch it every Tuesday (PST) or Wednesday in SEA.  I’m mostly going to do deck guides there as deck building has always been my thing. I might throw in the occasional meta analysis and more.
  • I’m still an editor at GosuGamers. Nydra has been supportive in whatever I’ve been doing lately because he’s like the coolest Editor-in-Chief on the planet. I’m releasing a Mech Warrior there soon. Most of my recent articles there are collaborations. The GosuCrew is probably one of the most fun bunch of people I’ve worked with.
  • The Fate Reforged Prerelease last weekend was super fun. I played Mardu and was able to win with Wingmate Roc. I didn’t get the top prize tho :-/ Maybe next time. I find that I always get a tad more excited in limited formats, be it on MTG or Hearthstone.
  • I’ll continue to create fun decks, especially tribal ones. I have a lot of ideas already and I will post them here. I started this blog because I wanted to play fun decks with friends. Sadly, I’ve been focusing on ladder-viable decks these days. I’m definitely going back to making WTF decks that you could do friendlies with.
  • MTG might no longer be M-T-Th-F in my schedule because I’ll be too busy with Hearthstone and work. I’d probably play Mondays, Tuesdays, and/or Fridays. It largely depends on what I’m working on in my day job.
  • You might see more of me in SEA eSports events soon. How I managed to let myself be coaxed out of my batcave–I honestly don’t know. Haha.

Okay we’re done catching up.

Fate Reforged

The Dragons are coming back to my decks! I am so excited. Well, I do have this thing for dragons (I collect anything ‘dragon’ on MTG).

Ugin is here. Mother of Dragons is pleased.

Ugin is here. Mother of Dragons is pleased.

And have you seen the Monastery Mentor card? I am so gonna update my Mardu deck to include that one or maybe I’ll make a mono-white aggro deck.  We’ll see 😀

Ah tokens... more tokens...

Ah tokens… more tokens…

Dash is probably my favorite thing about Fate Reforged. I played Mardu Strike Leader at the Prerelease and I was able to generate tokens with it so I always have a blocker on board. I might be teaming him up with the Monastery Mentor in an aggro BW or Mardu deck. I will know after I’ve opened a box of boosters.

Mardu Strike Leader

Mardu Strike Leader


I’m posting my Mech Hunter which has been working surprisingly well for me soon. I have a lot of updates on Hearthstone but they’re distributed on three sites so please follow me on my Facebook Page to get the timely updates. 😀

Thank you for the company in 2014 and have a Happy New Year!



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